I founded Lux Botanics in 2018 with the intention of deepening my relationship with plant medicine, by making products that can be legally offered in open trade.

As my part of the world opens up to the healing potential of our oldest allies, I am both excited and alarmed- optimistic because I know first hand how transformative the mind expanding gifts of nature can be, concerned because the decades of prohibition have driven them into the shadows, where the intentions and quality of products are unclear and our collective wisdom in their appropriate use has dissipated.

Thankfully, our ancestors left many clues for future generations, and courageous medicine keepers protected these gifts during the dark age of the war on plants.  Now, we inherit the opportunity to serve in a new chapter in this ancient story, honoring the relationship between plant and consciousness, seeking to heal and improve ourselves, so that we may enjoy our lives and share our gifts more effectively.

At Lux Botanics, we serve by preparing safe, conscientious products designed for responsible use.  We are especially dedicated to those who are just venturing into their own relationship with these plants and medicines that we consider sacred.  So much of our society is built upon greed and exploitation, most of us have been conditioned to be mistrustful.  Our Lux, our Gold, is not ordinary.  It is the exception- designed with your interests in mind, to support you on your journey.  We don't want anyone to miss an opportunity to improve their own wellbeing by working with our plant and fungi allies.

In Lux,

Nathan Taylor, Founder and Alchemist at Lux Botanics