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Catwoman - Batman Returns MiniCo PVC - Statue

Catwoman - Batman Returns MiniCo PVC - Statue

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  • Size: Approx. 6.7 inches tall
  • Material: PVC
  • Manufacturer: Iron Studios


    On the roof of some building in Gotham City . an elegant figure . wearing a patchwork-stitched black vinyl uniform . reflects the moonlight. Accompanied by her little feline mascot (pet) . she raises her whip showing her silver claws . thus displaying her strength and skill . ready to conquer the city and the heart of the Dark Knight that protects her.

    Iron Studios brings to its line of stylized statues . MiniCo . the beloved villain and anti-heroine Catwoman. The statue is inspired by the character from the movie Batman Returns (1992) . directed by Tim Burton . one of his most popular and unforgettable adaptations. The feline villain . played by the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer . is now featured in the amazing "Catwoman -Batman Returns - MiniCo - IronStudios" statue.

    Along with the MiniCo statues inspired by Michael Keaton's Batman and Jack Nicholson's Joker . derivedfrom the previous film . 1989's Batman . also directed by Burton . the beautiful and fierce blue-eyed cat arrives to unite and . together . form a trio of protagonists. The gothic universe created in theaters through the eyes of this acclaimed director will gain new adventures adapted in the comics . and it seems . will also be revisited on the big screen in the near future . in sprinter Flash's long-awaited solo film . which promises to explore theDC multiverse.

    Pre-order your MiniCo trio from the Burtonverse . with Toy Art MiniCo figures from Batman 89 . Joker 89 . and now Catwoman from Batman Returns. All statues are already available for Pre-Order. A must-have for fans and collectors of the Dark Knight and movie classics.


    (C) 2021 DC Comics

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