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Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear Rex (Black ver.) - Model Kit

Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear Rex (Black ver.) - Model Kit

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From KONAMI's worldwide hit series Metal Gear comes a plastic model kit of the nuclear-armed bipedal tank Metal Gear REX from Metal Gear Solid in a black version as an original modeling feature!

・The sculpt remains as is . with the color scheme changed to black to allow for easy painting as an original feature for this model.

・New decals . such as caution marks that add detail to the model and marking decals that allow for the original REX to be recreated . are included.

・A total of four figures are included: Solid Snake . a Cyborg Ninja figure in the standard standing pose . a damaged version of Cyborg Ninja to recreate the famous scene where he is crushed by REX's feet . and Liquid Snake.

・A special base designed after the hangar from the series is also included.*The included figures are unpainted. (This item is a reproduction.)

  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

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