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Stem Length (Normal Rose Length 16 Inches)

Welcome to the enchanting world of long rose bouquets. Our Rosaholics store is where elegance meets eternally simple nature. Embark on a distracting journey with the charm of these exquisite roses.

Discover a symphony of colors. Each one represents the enduring love and admiration that remains beyond fleeting moments.

Revealing a truly unrivaled experience, the long rose redefines floral luxury. These bouquets provide the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Whether you celebrate cherished moments, express your affection, or want to decorate your house, these roses are quintessential for those who seek only the best.

Delve into the beauty of these flowers. See the grace they bring to every gesture and feeling. They will help you set new standards in the world of floral elegance.

Long Roses with Different Colors as a Gift

Celebrate the art of giving with our stunning long rose bouquet collection. At Rosaholics, we have a variety of vibrant shades for you to choose from. Each long rose is a masterpiece that radiates beauty and charm. They will conquer hearts and leave a lasting impression.

For passionate souls, the alluring intensity of "Red Blast" ignites love and desire. "Hot Pink" flowers radiate youthful energy and admiration. And "Pink Explosion" exquisitely conveys grace and tenderness. "White Roses" symbolize purity and innocence, and "White Explosion" takes elegance to a new level. And if you want to create a stunning symphony of emotions, we recommend you choose "Assorted Flowers."

Discover the magic of our long roses. Choose any of your favorite flowers and let them speak for you.

Long Rose Bouquet from Farm to Your Door

Treat yourself to the unrivaled freshness of our roses. At Rosaholics, we proudly present you with botanical wonder from our lush, meticulously maintained farms.

We grow our long roses with the utmost care. From the moment they are delicately planted in rich soil to their lush blooms. Grown with a harmonious blend of passion and experience, these roses thrive in conditions designed to enhance their natural beauty and flavor.

We carefully monitor every stage of growth. That's why we ensure that only the finest, super-fresh roses make it into your home. Harvested at the peak of perfection, long roses are hand-picked and thoughtfully popped into charming bouquets. 

Experience the essence of nature's exquisite charm. Savor the pure essence of beauty delivered to you with love and devotion.

For our Explosion collection (Red Explosion, Pink Explosion and White Explosion), we use at least 4 different varieties of roses to make a absolute astonishing combinations.

Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

With impressive length, extra long stem roses are absolutely stunning. Choose from single-variety bouquets or "Explosion" bouquets, which consist of several unique rose varieties in a single color palette.

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