Lux Genesis Elixir

  • Combines cognition boosting botanicals and a microdose of cannabinoids
  • Assists in energy without a crash, focus without depletion, and creative thought patterns without distraction


The Genesis Elixir was conceived as an energy and creativity boosting formula to support a flow state of consciousness- that state of presence and awareness that you experience when creating an art piece, playing a song, bombing down a mountain bike trail, surfing a wave, or playing with your puppy. It's where past and future fade and the focus is on the now. That headspace where you’re most effective at expressing your essence.

This formula is essentially a combination of a clean naturally caffeinated shot with a cognition enhancing neurogenesis supplement stack, all in a single convenient and tasty dose.  All ingredients are dosed at pharmacologically active concentrations that you can feel:

Ginger, lemon, honey-  To reduce inflammation and promote digestion

Guarana Extract- Energy and cognition boost from caffeine and theobromine

Green Tea Extract- Antioxidant, inflammation reducing, and cognition enhancing in combination with caffeine

L-Theanine (200mg)- Increased focus, lower stress/anxiety

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (300mg)- cognition enhancement, new neuron growth, memory boost

Ginseng Extract- Cognition boost, cellular energy enhancement

CBD (25mg)- Inflammation reduction, lower stress/anxiety

THC (3mg)- Creative thinking enhancement, awareness boost



Take one full bottle whenever you would typically consume caffeine, as a morning wake up or an afternoon boost. Tastes best when refrigerated.  Mixes well in drinks and smoothies. You may find that memory and cognitive benefits accrue over the first two weeks of daily use.



Ginger, Lemon, Honey, Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract, L-Theanine, Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Ginseng Extract, CBD, THC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christiaan Cokas
My favorite daily treat

Such a magical blend of ingredients that make u feel just right. We love these!!

Avi S
This is medicine

This elixir is so unique, I love it. I take it with me on vacations especially, for when I need a boost in energy, focus and sensitivity. Great for hikes,, housecleaning, creative projects… it’s an expertly prepared concoction.

Rylan peery

Love embottled. :) Thank you.

Love the Elixirs

The Elixirs are great. They calm while they sharpen my focus.

Lux Elixir is apart of my morning ritual!

Each morning I have included the Lux Elixir in my morning ritual before my pre-work yoga. It’s vibrant flavor elevates my senses to remove any morning fog before my yoga sessions after which the gentle and guiding caffeine helps me truly jumpstart my day while offering all day energy with no crash. I work in a physically and mentally demanding environment and the Elixir covers all bases for me. 10/10!