Lux Elixirs- Hypnos

Lux Elixirs- Hypnos

  • Relax with this cannabis nightcap, with the same CBD:THC:CBN content as our Sleep Potion, along with GABA and Magnesium supplements
  • The pomegranate and tart cherry concentrate blend is delicious as a cordial or a mixer, especially for those looking for a non-alcoholic mixer


The Hypnos Elixir is designed to thin the veil between waking life and the dream world.  We wanted a drink to celebrate the wind down, the sunset, the moon rise.  This elixir will not "knock you out"; it would be a waste of great opportunity to pass out rather than take a journey.  This elixir will help maintain a dream rich rest if you are sleeping, or it will give you a dreamy relaxation if you are just unwinding from your day.

This formula utilizes the same cannabinoid blend in our Sleep Potion along with a few other natural supplements to enhance the effects:

Pomegranate Juice and Tart Cherry Concentrate-  a deep purple with a rich tart flavor, and it contains naturally occurring melatonin 

GABA (750mg)- A neurotransmitter that inhibits neuronal activity, thereby relaxing the nervous system

Magnesium Aspartate (600mg)- A chelated form of magnesium, providing the relaxing effects of magnesium with minimal effects on the bowels.

L-theanine (250mg)- Naturally occurring in green tea, this amino acid provides anxiety reduction, calmness, and focus


CBD (25mg)- Inflammation reduction, lower stress/anxiety, calming

THC (4mg)- Creative thinking enhancement, awareness boost,

CBN (2mg)- Sleep promoting



Mix one shot (50ml) with tonic water or other liquid to make a drink, or sip as a concentrated cordial.  You will feel the effects of the nanoemulsified cannabinoids much faster than with a tincture or an edible.  Relax and enjoy your journey through the dreamscapes. 



Pomegranate juice, Tart Cherry concentrate, Citric Acid, GABA, Magnesium aspartate, L-Theanine, nanoemulsified Lux Sleep Potion distillate, Potassium Sorbate

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Walton Jones
Relaxing, Tasty, Fun

We love Lux products in our house and the Hypnos Elixir is no exception! As a household that does not drink alcohol, we have started mixing Hypnos with sparkling water as our 'cocktail' treat whenever we are looking for such a think. This is a super relaxing, stress relieving, indulgent feeling experience that leaves us feeling good for the night and the next morning too! I definitely sleep like a baby after some Hypnos XD

I would 10/10 recommend giving this one a try if you like CBD products and are looking for a way to elevate your consumption experience in addition to supplementing it with some added relaxing ingredients. Thanks Lux!