Lux Sleep Potion


  • Full Spectrum - Contains THC
  • Promotes deep and restorative sleep
  • 15mg CBD, 3mg CBN, 3mg THC - per dropper full
  • Allergy Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Our Sleep Potion was designed with deep, restorative slumber in mind. Using special distillation techniques, we created a hemp-derived purified extract that has a 5:1:1 ratio of CBD to THC to CBN. One dose of this balanced proportion of cannabinoids produces a more pronounced sensation than other higher CBD concentration tinctures. This can help promote a greater state of tranquility and ease at bedtime.  Many users report an enhancement in dreaming, while still being easy to wake up. 

Use a dropper full as part of your nighttime routine or throughout the day for an increased sense of serenity.


Because this tincture is so high potency, we recommend that new users start with small doses to test their sensitivity. A dose of .3ml, or ⅓ of a dropper full, contains a standard dose of 10mg of CBD. We recommend starting with a ⅓ dropper dose, preferably close to bedtime as it could cause drowsiness. For more powerful pain relief, a full 1ml dropper dose should provide noticeable effects for most people.


Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Lux Botanics High CBN Hemp Distillate


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kenneth Strickland

A mellow compound that accentuates my diurnal circadian clock when the sun goes down (which is when I take it).

Kellie Foster Kirkdoffer
Lux Sleep Potion

The new Lux Sleep Potion is a great product. It relaxes you, eases your muscle aches and pains and help induce a nice restful sleep with no hangover type symptoms (like Benadry) in the am. Thanks for another awesome product

DJ Schwarz
Which is the best product for sleep?

I absolutely LOVE the Lux Agora. I have severe sleep issues due to Multiple Sclerosis. I have gone weeks with little sleep where I feel almost drunk. It's horrible to be that tired, lay down, and then not be able to sleep. For a number of years I coped with Ambien use but my doctors have said it is not healthy (I grudgingly agree). So now I have finally come across Lux Agora Botanics and am so grateful. I find the Sleep Potion is good but the regular CBD Tinture (full-spectrum) is exactly what I need to get a good night of sleep. Not sure if it just cuts the pain to allow sleep or what. I still wake up but am able to get back to sleep without further aid. Thank you, thank you!!!

Judy Sessoms

I love it! I have fibromyalgia and this really helps! Thank you so much! I received it the day after I ordered!
No place I have ordered has been as quickly as you! Will highly recommend to all my friend!

Better sleep

Though I usually don’t have problems falling asleep, I will often wake up between 2-4am for no apparent reason. Started using the Sleep Potion and my sleep patterns have gradually shifted allowing me longer and more restful periods of sleep. Highly recommend.