Lux Vapor Kit

  • 555mg CBD/1ml cartridge
  • Instant Relief
  • Full Spectrum - Contains THC
  • Only distilled hemp compounds
  • No MCT, Vitamin E, PG/VG, heavy metals



Our vapes were designed to offer trustworthy and clean smokable products with a desirable taste. Our triple distilled CBD is blended with cannabis terpenes to create custom flavors and provide targeted effects. We feel that vaporizing hemp is the cleanest and highest efficacy route of administration. To reduce risk of use, we have eliminated MCT oil from our formula, and use only cannabis-derived ingredients. As always, we offer this formula in high quality lead-free Ccell ceramic hardware.

This kit contains everything you need for reusable vapor pen: one 1ml ceramic cell 510 threaded glass cartridge,  a Lux 350mah custom rechargeable battery, and a USB charger.


Assemble vapor kit by attaching cartridge to 5/10 threaded pen bottom. Inhale for immediate desired effect.


CBD Distillate & Natural Terpenes

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Naga's Nectar:  A meditation on the original cannabis used by sadhus and seekers in the Hindu Kush mountains of India, in millennia past.  This custom blend of cannabis terpenes is reminiscent of the classical strains that first taught us how to relate to the cannabis plant.  Expect a mind opening and contemplative boost.  

Lapis Lazuli:  This flavor formulation is a tribute to the magic of ancient Egypt.  A combination of the famous Blue Dream strain with a bright and euphoric burst of limonene, this blend helps calm your nerves and uplift your spirits.  

Mintdala:  An uplifting stimulating blend of GSC type terpenes with mint, to clear your head and freshen your perspective.  

Temple Smoke:  Our latest creation, this flavor is a blend of the two incenses found in the Holy of Holies of the ancient temples of yore: frankincense and cannabis. We distill local hemp from Otherside Farm and frankincense resin imported from ancestral Boswellia sacra groves by Awaken To The One for the cannabinoids and terpenes in this blend.  The result is an anxiety killing, veil lifting, exotic and wonderful tasting experience unlike any other flavor you've tried.

Customer Reviews

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Morgana Rhinehart
The best!

Works like a charm. Highly recommend! The packaging and overall quality of this product is magical! Can't wait to try them all!